What to Look For in a Marine Dock Box

marine dock box

A marine dock box provides a safe and secure place to store tools, gear and other necessities. It can help you save time by eliminating the need to run back and forth from your boat to shore.

Look for a lockable lid and stainless steel hardware to ensure security. Other features to consider include gas shock lid lifts, a smooth interior finish and ventilation.


Considering they’re sitting outside in rain, wind, sun and humidity and maybe some salt air, dock boxes need to be able to endure a lot of weather conditions. Look for models that are waterproof and made from corrosion-resistant materials like fiberglass.

Fiberglass is durable and long-lasting. It’s the same material boats are made from. A smooth interior finish helps prevent rust and repels dirt. Other durable features include stainless steel lockable latches, gas shock lid lifts and ISO/NPG UV gel coats that keep the box looking new.

Many marinas prefer to use fiberglass dock storage boxes because they don’t rust and provide an attractive aesthetic to their docks and slips. They also hold up to impact far better than plastic, which can chalk, spider crack and fade under the sun.


It can be a pain to lug fishing gear, towels, water toys, and everything else but the kitchen sink back and forth to the dock every time you want to enjoy your day on the lake. A marine dock box keeps everything you need for fun in the sun close by, and it provides a secure place to stash your belongings so that only you have access to them.

Look for a dock storage box with a lockable lid to ensure your items stay safe and sound, especially when you’re not around to keep an eye on them. You’ll also want to choose one that has shock lid lifts to prevent the lid from slamming shut while you’re cruising on the boat. These features protect your belongings and help avoid injuries to pets, children, or anyone else who might be nearby.


You’ve likely seen dock boxes sitting on lake docks and marina walkways, usually right in front of the charter fishing boats. They’re a convenient storage solution for anything you don’t want to bring aboard the boat, like snacks, sunblock, extra towels, life jackets or kids’ floaties. They’re also great for storing dock lines, boat fenders, electronics and water sports gear.

To keep your belongings safe, look for a lockable dock box with a stainless steel latch and gas-spring hardware. You can also find hinges that are molded into the dock box to prevent the lid from blowing open in high wind gusts and catching on the dock or boat. A UV gel coat and rust-resistant metal hardware help protect the box from harsh weather and sunlight.

Lid Lifts

Dock boxes are available in a wide range of sizes to meet your specific storage needs. You can even find models big enough to fit fishing poles and other large equipment. Some have built-in rod holders to keep them close and out of the way when not in use. A few other features to look for in a marine dock box include a lockable lid, shock-resistant lid lifts and stainless steel locking hardware.

Dock boxes can be a lifesaver for people who spend a lot of time at the water. They help you avoid the hassle of toting gear like towels, extra sunscreen and kid’s floaties from the car down to the dock. Plus, they provide safe and secure storage for expensive electronics. There are many styles of dock box to choose from, including triangular ones that fit in corners and keep them out of the way of foot traffic.

Smooth Interior

It can be a pain to tote fishing tackle, extra towels and kids’ floaties and water skis from your boat to the dock. A dock box allows you to store these items and other necessities so you don’t have to lug them back and forth.

If you’re looking for a durable, attractive, and weather resistant dock storage box look no further than a fiberglass molded model from Taylor. They’re built tough with a gel coat finish, stainless steel lockable latch, gas shock lifts, and a smooth interior that prevents splinters. They also feature vents with bug screens that keep out insects and other unwanted guests. They come in a wide range of sizes from a few feet wide to large enough for storing fishing poles and water skis.