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Top 5 Wall Clocks with Large Hands

Everyone dreams of putting up wall clocks with large hands in their houses. Just like every individual is different about characteristics, color, and sizes, the same is the case with clocks also. They too differ in sizes, color, and of course characteristics.

Putting up big clocks looks good in bigger rooms and smaller clocks in smaller rooms. You can even put up a medium clock in the dining hall or kitchen.

Few people would like to put decorative clocks on their walls since they improve the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Let us take a look at those top 5 clocks that has large hands.

Timelike Large Hands Needles Analogue Wall Clock (Black_5.4 Inch X 14.5 Inch X 1.7 Inch)

A reputed clock manufacturer Timelike, USA produces this wall clock that consists of an aluminum frame. This wall clock has a sporty look along with being lightweight since it weighs only 56gms. Moreover, the mechanism of this clock is excellent because of its long hands. This clock can be used for creating a 4ft. DIY wall clock comprising of your favorite memories.

Apart from this, the build quality of this awesome clock is sturdy and can increase the looks of your room instantly. The USP of this super clock is its backplate with metallic hands. If you pop on the batteries, it starts immediately without producing any noisy sounds.

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NeXtime Hands Clock (85 cm, Black)

Manufactured by a Dutch clock manufacturer, NeXtime this clock is perfect for any home since it comes with simplicity along with contemporary looks. This wall clock comes with slim blade-like large hands that can enhance the beauty of your room perfectly.

It can become a part of the kinetic piece of art in your room. The body of the wall clock is made from an aluminum frame, and this is why it is lightweight. It weighs only 218 grams.

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KCHEX Make Large 36″ Wall Clock w/ 17.5″ Hands

Wall clocks with Large Hands

Produced from the USA, this clock can easily create a wall clock of 36 inches (diameter). This wall clock consists of a high torque quartz movement that can be operated by putting one “AA” battery included with the package. Moreover, it comes with 12 rounds of 5/8 inches self-adhesive plastic dots along with brass movement-mounted hardware.

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Hicarer DIY Large Clock Hands 3D Wall Clock

Large Hand Wall Clock

Made from pure aluminum, this clock is super lightweight, and its size is approximately 70 cm/ 30 inches. Apart from this, it comes with an hour hand whose length is 203 mm/ 8.0 inches long. The length of the minute hand is 305 mm/ 12 inches in length.

Used for purely decorative purposes, it can make your room look beautiful with complete elegance. Perfect to decorate your living room, office, kitchen, and bedroom walls.

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BESPORTBLE DIY Large Cross-Stitch Clock Hands Needles Wall Clocks

BESPORTBLE DIY Large Cross-Stitch Clock Hands Needles Wall Clocks

This wall clock is manufactured by BESPORTBLE. Comes with a metallic frame material making it tough and sturdy, and increased lifespan. Further, this wall clock is best for use in smooth backgrounds and walls. You can create a DIY of your choice and make a style statement.

This wall clock is excellent if you are thinking to decorate a hotel, restaurant, or home. It will enhance the looks and a funky factor to your walls. Apart from this, it consists of an easy and simple design with mute scan movement thereby causing no harmful effects on your health and to the environment.

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