Types of Marine Dock Boxes

marine dock box

Having a dock box on your boat is one of the many things that you can do to help keep your gear and water sports equipment safe and secure. There are various types of marine dock boxes to choose from, including seat top and bench boxes. These boxes come in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to find something that meets your needs.

Lifetime 130-Gallon Deck Box

The Lifetime 130-Gallon Marine Dock Box is a great way to get extra storage on your boat. It is sturdy and offers a lockable lid. This box is also weather-resistant and will keep items dry. You can use it to store things such as spare parts and other boat necessities.

Lifetime dock boxes are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. They are made of durable fiberglass, which makes them strong. Stainless steel is also used, because it is resistant to rust. Choosing a box with a durable UV gelcoat finish will help to protect your box from the elements.

Buying a Lifetime brand product means you’ll be getting a high-quality product that comes with a 10-year warranty. Also, you’ll find a wide variety of sizes.


If you’re looking for a way to store your belongings on your boat, a dock box is a great solution. These boxes are available in a range of sizes, colors, and shapes. They’re perfect for keeping your water toys, fishing poles, tubes, and even rafts in one place. You can also customize your box with a logo, color, or design. But the best feature of a dock box is that it’s an effective way to protect your equipment.

For instance, a heavy duty dock box made of UV stabilized polyethylene is designed to withstand harsh marine conditions. It features pneumatic lid lifts, which help to keep the lid open on swaying docks. Additionally, it’s designed to accept standard padlocks.

The other thing to look for in a good dock box is a UV gel coat. This protective coating helps prevent fading and weathering. And while you’re at it, why not choose a lid that features a patented design that will keep rainwater out?

West Marine

The West Marine marine dock box comes in a variety of styles. Some are large and deep while others are small and light weight. You’ll also find those in the middle. Fortunately, if you’re looking for the best way to store your wet weather gear, you’ll have no problem finding one. Unlike other storage solutions, the West Marine box is designed to hold up to the rigors of time on your boat. Plus, the heavy duty construction and UV-resistant coating make it an ideal choice for boaters on the water.

When it comes to choosing the best marine dock box, there’s no need to look beyond West Marine. With the largest selection of marine storage boxes in the industry, you’ll find all of the features you’re looking for in one place.


When you are on the water it pays to have a secure place to store your boaty belongings. Dock boxes are made from heavy duty fiberglass and have reinforced lids that can hold up to a couple of hundred pounds. They are often seen on docks and marina walkways. There are a number of options to choose from. Some even offer fishing rod holders tucked into their finery.

A good dock box will last a lifetime. Keeping your gear off the decks is a must to prevent mold growth. In addition to the usual suspects, you can pick from a selection of custom built dock boxes. This may take up to three weeks to build, but the results are well worth the wait.

Seat Top/Bench Dock Boxes

For those who have a boat, a seat top dock box provides you with a place to sit while you’re out on the water. These boxes can be used on boats, on a home deck, or even at the marina. They are made of fiberglass and are durable and reliable.

There are many styles to choose from. Some are small and others can be larger, depending on your needs. You can also get a built-in seat for your box. The lids of some are even designed to be used as seats.

Many dock boxes come with a protective UV gelcoat. This allows them to withstand harsh weather conditions. When buying a box, make sure it is made of stainless steel or fiberglass. Both materials offer excellent durability and rust-resistance.