Top Fly Fishing Blogs for Tips, Tricks, and Information

Fly fishing is a very fun sport and many enjoy it every year. Sometimes you need information to help you get the most out of the sport. With the right fly fishing blog, you will be able to get all kinds of tips, tricks and other important information, such as product reviews and recommendations.

Finding a good fly fishing blog isn’t always easy, however. Here, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top fly fishing blogs you can use as great resources of information.

The Caddis Fly

This fly fishing blog may not have universal appeal, but if you’re from the Oregon area or you love to fly fish here, this is one of the best fly fishing blogs you will find. It’s one of the top listed for Google when you search “fly fishing blog”.

They provide all kinds of information with new posts just about every day. Many of the posts are longer and provide all kinds of great tips for fly anglers.

One of the main reasons this fly fishing blog tops the list is due to the great pictures. Caddis Fly provides some of the best pictures you will find of fish, flies, fishing trips and so much more.

The Fiberglass Manifesto

As one of the most popular fly fishing blogs, The Fiberglass Manifesto is another great choice for anglers. You will learn this blog was founded to help promote fiberglass fly rods. If you love fishing with fiberglass, this is the blog for you. Of course, if you don’t use fiberglass, there’s still plenty to enjoy here.

The blog has many great giveaways throughout the year, along with daily posts and so much more.

Sage Fly Fishing Blog

Sage is a leader in fly fishing rods and reels. They have a blog featuring field reports, news, events, product reviews, techniques, adventures, fly tying and so much more.

This fly fishing blog doesn’t feature daily posts, but they do put up a few great posts every month. The best part, the posts come from both Sage writers and guest bloggers. This makes the content a nice mix of personalities with plenty of great tips to enjoy.

Orvis News

Orvis is a blog about more than just fly fishing. However, they have a fly fishing blog section with all types of great articles, pictures, podcasts, videos and more. If you are looking for the latest fly fishing news, this is one of the best sources.

Gink + Gasoline

Gink and Gasoline is a blog about all kinds of things having to do with fly fishing. They believe fly fishing should be inclusive and it’s a part of their mission. The company offers fly fishing school and trips.

This fly fishing blog is packed with categories ranging from trips to product reviews and everything in between. They have some excellent pictures and provide all kinds of great tips for fly anglers to enjoy.

Moldy Chum

If you require a ton of content, Moldy Chum is your blog. They provide multiple posts per day from multiple authors. You’ll find Friday Pin Ups, Giveaways and plenty of videos here, as well.

Field & Stream Fly Fishing Blog

Field & Stream is massive and covers all kinds of topics. The fly fishing blog provides all types of great categories for trips, tips, tricks, tactics and so much more.

Fly Fishing Frenzy

If you’re searching for tips, reports, stories, and product reviews, Fly Fishing Frenzy is a great blog for your needs. They provide all kinds of great information with plenty of pictures, videos and so much more.

The Trout Underground

A self-proclaimed serious fly fishing website, this blog has all kinds of great information about trout. It’s a bit limited in some ways, but if you love fly fishing for trout, this is a great resource.

Patagonia Fly Fishing

Plenty of great content is found on the Patagonia fly fishing blog. They provide all types of pictures, videos, and written content. Whether you want a recommendation for bait or a good story to read, you’ll find it here.

Nomad Anglers Blog

This is a very interesting blog that was born from a retail shop started back in 1989. The Nomad part of the blog refers to the seeking out of new fishing opportunities near their home and far away. There are all kinds of stories about great fishing spots and catches on this fly fishing blog.

Fly Gal Blog

There isn’t nearly as much content on this blog as you might find on others, but it’s still a good choice. The Fly Gal Blog provides an interesting choice for those looking to follow a woman with fly fishing.

MidCurrent Fly Fishing Blog

MidCurrent provides fly fishing news, advice, and literature. It’s a great place for beginners and experienced anglers to enjoy learning and reading all types of great stories.

RIO Products Fly Fishing Blog

Another Fly Fishing company with a good blog is RIO Products. They provide regular content with plenty of pictures of big catches, tips and so much more.

Other great fly fishing blogs include:

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  • Dawn Patrol Fly Fishing Blog
  • J. Stockard Fly Fishing Blog
  • Sipping Emergers
  • The Fly Fisher Blog
  • LA River Fly Fishing Blog
  • Pat Torsey Fly Fishing

Whenever you need to get your fix and you want to read some great stories about fly fishing, you can refer to this list. There are plenty of excellent blogs found here all about fly fishing.