The Humminbird Fish Finder

humminbird fish finder

The Humminbird fish finder is a popular choice for many anglers. They offer a wide range of options from basic handheld devices to more advanced models with a lot of features.

The Helix 5 series is one of the most affordable Humminbird fish finders that offers a lot of high end technology in a small package. It includes advanced sonar, down view, and navigation capabilities that most anglers will find useful on a small boat.

MEGA 360 Imaging

Mega 360 Imaging is the newest and most advanced technology from Humminbird. This innovative technology uses a rotating transducer to systematically’sweep’ the area around your boat, producing a continuous image feed into your fish finder screen.

This system is designed to scan an area that extends up to 150 feet in all directions, giving you a comprehensive view of what’s happening underneath the water. It also allows you to see what’s around your boat and adjust your strategy accordingly.

The MEGA 360 Imaging technology uses different shades to give you information about what’s below the surface. This helps you to see what the bottom looks like and can help you determine where bait and game fish are located.

The MEGA 360 Imaging also gives you a live sonar feed when connected to a compatible CHIRP Sonar or Dual Spectrum unit. This means you can get a detailed picture of what’s below the water as well as watch fish on screen in real time.


Humminbird fish finders are renowned for their high-end tech and innovative designs. They make the most of every fishing trip and help anglers see more fish on a single day, boosting their overall success.

SwitchFire is a feature that allows the user to customize how their sonar returns appear on the screen. With two display modes, the user can add or remove detail, account for water depth and temperature, watch lure presentations and more.

Max mode displays everything that is in view on the screen, and Clear mode filters out some of the information that might not be relevant to your specific fishing situation. This helps to reduce clutter and enhances the accuracy of sonar sensitivity settings, giving the user the ability to see more fish arches in deep waters and more jig tracking and catches when using the 2D sonar mode.

Dual Beam PLUS sonar features two beams that cover a wider area than other sonars to help you identify the bottom and fish in your target zone. The dual-beam feature is ideal for shallow to deep water in fresh and saltwater conditions.

Ethernet Networking

Ethernet networking is an extremely helpful feature that helps you connect and share information between a number of Humminbird fish finders onboard your boat. This allows you to have a clearer picture of the entire area that you’re fishing, as well as control optional Minn Kota i-Pilot Link trolling motors between each finder.

Networking models can connect to other Humminbird products via NMEA 2000, Bluetooth and Ethernet technology. They can also be integrated with other electronics onboard your boat, such as Cannon and Minn Kota downriggers and shallow water anchors.

This means that you can have all of the advanced features that are available on a fish finder, including GPS and mapping, right on your boat. This makes it easier to navigate, set waypoints and save your favorite locations, and make them easy to find again.

High Definition Sonar

The humminbird fish finder is packed with incredible high definition sonar capabilities. This CHIRP sonar technology provides sharper image detail at greater depths and more bottom detail.

This sonar can be configured to search in a wide or narrow cone, depending on your target. It uses frequencies ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 MHz and reaches down to 200 feet below the boat.

With this system you can see the details you need to spot your next lunker. The high-frequency beams of MEGA Imaging(r), Side Imaging(r), Down Imaging(r) and 360 Imaging(r) put amazing clarity on the bottom, covering all angles and putting the fish in your sights.

This CHIRP sonar technology can be configured to search in a wide, narrow or a combination cone, depending on your target. It uses high-frequency beams that reach down to 200 feet below the boat and put more sonar power on the targets and bottom structure.