Robin Hall’s Piano For All Review

robin hall piano for all

If you’re in the market for a piano lesson, you may be wondering what to look for in a quality program. You’ll want to find a teacher that provides a variety of options and teaches a variety of styles. You’ll also want to consider your budget. You can purchase lessons on DVD-ROM or online. You can also buy a book or a keyboard.


Piano for all is a program created by pianist Robin Hall. It has been designed to help beginners learn to play the piano. It provides videos and e-books that are both fun and useful.

It teaches how to play the piano by sight and by ear. It also teaches chord progressions. The program is also highly affordable. It is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

The lessons include a lot of visuals to make the learning process easier. The course includes video demonstrations and practice exercises. The lessons also contain audio files with a piano sheet. You can download the program to your desktop or to your smartphone.

The Piano For All program comes with a bonus book. It teaches how to reduce stress while learning. It also focuses on channeling your creative energies. You can focus on a range of techniques, including melodic patterns, octaves and chord arpeggios.

The course contains nine interactive e-books. The e-books are divided into sections, each covering a specific topic. Each e-book is written in a different way. Each e-book also has a video lesson embedded. The e-books have cartoon illustrations.

The video lessons are particularly good. They are especially helpful for people who find it easier to learn by seeing things in action.


If you’re looking for the best piano learning program, Piano For All may be just the ticket. It’s a comprehensive and practical course that teaches you to play the instrument at a high level. It includes 200 video lessons, which are accompanied by audio samples and an e-book.

It’s not uncommon to find a piano lesson that’s a cliche, but the Piano For All DVD-ROM is a complete package. It features a wide array of music-related content, such as a classical piece by Beethoven, an instrumental track from the 19th-century composer Chopin, and a Mozart tune.

The complete package is also available in digital form. If you’re pressed for time, the digital version may be for you. It costs only $40.

The course consists of nine guides. Each guide has a variety of interesting video and audio lessons. The audio samples are particularly useful, particularly for those who aren’t visually oriented.

The best part is that Piano For All also has a fully functional guide to the best-looking online tutorials. This means that you can start studying piano right away! The e-book is an excellent way to get started, and it’s easy to browse and navigate.

Online lessons

Piano for All is an online course created by renowned piano teacher Robin Hall. It teaches beginners to play the instrument by combining a combination of video and e-books. The course is designed to make learning piano fun and easy.

The video lessons are a great way to keep your attention focused on the lesson. The course also has audio and exercise files that show you how to play a tune. The e-books are written in a simple format that is easy to understand.

The course features 500 audio tunes and exercises that help you learn the proper sound. It also includes a few of the most popular songs.

The e-book is also quite entertaining. It reads like a self-help book. It features cartoon illustrations by Hall. It is filled with useful tips for beginners.

The course has received positive feedback from its users. The program has a good price-performance ratio. It also comes with lifetime access. It’s also compatible with tablets. You can contact the support team for questions. The course also offers free updates and online access.

The e-book’s video lesson is one of the most useful components of the course. It shows how to hit the keys with precision. Seeing the steps involved in a technique helps visual learners retain the information.


You can learn to play the piano with the help of a course that has been designed by Robin Hall. The program is delivered in an Ebook format. The course also includes a video tutorial. This is particularly useful for visual learners.

There are also hundreds of audio tunes and exercises that show you how to make a good sound. The lessons are logically structured so that you can easily follow along. You will learn the basics of playing chords and rhythms.

The first two e-books introduce you to music notation, chromatic scales, and arpeggios. These are basic concepts that you will need to master before you can move on to more complicated concepts. The third book focuses on learning to play the entire spectrum of chords.

The fourth book builds on the basic principles and teaches advanced concepts. You will learn how to play the whole-tone scale and the diminished scale. You will also learn how to use different keys. This is a great way to improve your piano skills.

The course is made up of nine interactive e-books that teach you the basics of playing the piano. The videos are an added bonus, as you can see the chords and rhythms played.

Chord progressions

A great way to learn to play the piano is to take a course from a professional like Robin Hall. Not only does he teach piano, but he also shares his tips and tricks for playing the instrument.

A piano course from a renowned instructor doesn’t have to cost a fortune. One of the best options is the Piano For All course, taught by Robin Hall. The course is delivered in an Ebook format and comes with a video. These videos are especially useful because they show the chord progressions, rhythms, and hand placements that are used in the course.

The Piano For All method is easy to follow and provides a comprehensive guide to piano playing. The videos are accompanied by audio tracks that allow you to hear how the different melodies sound. This makes the material more accessible to visually impaired students.

The Piano For All course is available on Udemy and its price is very reasonable. The course can be downloaded to a device of your choice, and it offers an offline version. The course comes with an unlimited support team and free updates. Users report positive experiences with the support.


The Piano for All method teaches chords using the basic concepts of rhythms and scales. It uses a simple logical structure to explain the concepts and is effective for learning. It makes use of formulas, memory tricks, and other methods to help you learn.

It consists of nine interactive e-books. Each e-book focuses on a different aspect of piano playing. They include a variety of information including how to read music, the best way to play the piano, and the advantages of playing the piano. Each e-book has a number of audio files and exercises to reinforce the lesson.

There are also video lessons that demonstrate the techniques and movements discussed in the e-books. They help you visualize the material and keep you focused on the task at hand. The videos feature two keyboards, two tones, and various other keyboard and hand movements.

The program is affordable and provides a great price-performance ratio. It has helped many people learn to play the piano. It can be studied on a computer or tablet, and includes free updates. Users report positive experiences with the support team. There are also a wide range of helpful features on the website.

Lessons by a master pianist

If you’re looking to learn piano, you’ll be glad to know that you can get lessons from a master pianist at Robin Hall. The course teaches beginners the basics, such as octaves, chords, and songs, and the more advanced, like inversions, cluster chords, and diminished chords.

Robin Hall teaches a wide range of styles. He also offers video lessons for each e-book. These are embedded in the e-books, making it easier to study and retain the information.

Several videos are included, including those on playing rhythms, chords, and scales. The animations show the notes being played, the correct hand position, and the right pronunciation. These exercises make the material more accessible to visual learners, who will have a better chance of remembering the concept.

The program is simple to follow and its structure is logical. Each e-book builds on the previous one. This way, the learning process is based on the basics first, and the more complicated concepts are pushed through to the end.

The course starts with a video, which shows the student how to play the instrument. It then moves to a series of audio exercises, which provide instant feedback on the pronunciation. Finally, it ends with a video showing how to practice.