Review of Sage Accel 376-4 Fly Rod

The Sage Excel 376-4 Fly Fishing Rod is one of the elite rods on the market. Any product from Sage is known in the fly fishing world as the best of the best. They only produce high-quality gear and the fly fishing rods from Sage are the best you will find.

The Sage Accel series uses the responsive Generation 5 technology to provide an even better rod than before. Sage is always working to make their fly fishing rods better and the Konnetic Technology used in the Sage Accel series rods makes them one of the most responsive rods on the market.

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Ease of Use

Using the Sage Accel 376-4 is so easy even a beginner can get a smooth and easy cast. The design provides a crisp and powerful rod with the ultimate in responsiveness. It’s forgiving enough to allow the novice to cast with ease, yet the rod is designed to fit any fishing application.

Sage Accel 376-4 Fly Rod Features

When you decide the Sage Accel Fly Fishing Rod is for you, this decision will provide plenty of great features in your new fishing rod including:

  • A Powerful Medium-Fast Action Rod
  • Generation 5 Technology
  • Konnetic Technology
  • Light and Ultra-Responsive Design
  • Comes with a Premium Sage Aluminum Rod Tube and Rod Sock
  • Full Lifetime Warranty

Not only does the rod provide the right features for any skill level, but it’s also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Value for Money

Sage fly fishing rods are not cheap. However, you get what you pay for and when you spend the money to get the Sage Accel 376-4, you will receive great value for every dollar.

If you buy a lesser quality rod, you may not have an easy-to-cast rod, or one allowing you to feel every bite from the fish. It may not stand the test of time and you may end up replacing your rod every season or every other season. However, a fly fishing rod from Sage won’t need to be replaced. Backed by the full lifetime warranty, you know you have a rod that will last for a lifetime.

In fact, Sage fly fishing rods are so well-made, you might find yourself passing it down to your own child or grandchild.

Sage Accel 376-4 Fly Rod  Pros

Every Sage fly rod comes with many pros. One of the most desirable pros for the rod is the high-quality construction and the years of experience put into the design. Sage does a great job to ensure their rods are always the best on the market. They even go as far as backing it up with a full lifetime warranty, which is another huge plus.

With the Sage Accel Fly Rod, you also gain the benefit of a great rod for casting in the wind or when it’s calm. Pair this rod with the Sage 4200 Series 3-4 Wt Drag Reel Stealth 322-4230RST and you will have a great rig for fly fishing.

Sage Accel 376-4 Fly Rod  Cons

The only possible con with this Sage fly rod is the price. It’s more expensive than many of the fly fishing rods you will find on the market. However, it will also last far longer than your average rod. It’s also made with the best possible technology and provides the best possible fly fishing experience.

If the price isn’t something you are concerned about and you want the best fly fishing rod possible. The Sage Accel 376-4 is the right choice for you.

Consumer Reviews

At the time of writing, the Sage Accel 376-4 only has one review on However, the review is a five-star review and this is a newer product to

The one reviewer stated that he paired the rod with the Sage 4200 Series 3-4 Wt Drag Reel Stealth 322-4230RST and quickly found it to be his top choice in windy conditions. He also stated that the rod is very well balanced and a great moderate action fly rod.


When it comes down to it, you have a choice to make. You can choose a lesser fly fishing rod and take your chances, or you can go with the Sage Accel 376-4 Fly Rod. If you want to use the best on the market and you want your new fly rod to last a lifetime, it’s a pretty easy decision to make.

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