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4 Different Plant-Based Cooking Oils

There are plenty of different plant-based cooking oils on the market. However, some are absolute garbage and should never make their way through your body.

I want to focus on four. These four plant-based cooking oils are readily available at most grocery stores. I get annoyed when someone recommends something or a recipe and I find out one of the ingredients is insanely hard to find.

These four oils will be found at just about any grocery store or you can order them right on Amazon. No need to find some specialty store.

Here are 4 different plant-based cooking oils and a few tips for using each one.

Coconut Oil – Top Plant-Based Cooking Oil

Plant-Based Coconut Oils

My absolute favorite plant-based oil is coconut oil. It has so many uses outside of the kitchen. This oil can be used for cooking, for hair care, for skin care, as an ingredient in toothpaste and for so many other things.

Coconut oil has a sweet and rich type of flavor to it. You can use it in bars, raw pies, and other no-bake items to add creaminess, too.

It’s a non-hydrogenated oil with plenty of medium-chain fatty acids, which are great for those struggling with high cholesterol, weight and even blood sugar. You can eat it raw or even use it to cook at high temperatures.

I use coconut oil with baking soda, Himalayan salt, and essential oils to make a toothpaste. It can also be used to do an oil pull and even to help keep heartworm out of your dogs.

Coconut oil has so many uses and we always have a big tub or jar of it around. I prefer the organic virgin, unrefined form, but when the budget is tight, I will settle for just the organic version.

A few good brands of Coconut Oil include:

Sesame Oil, Another Plant-Based Cooking Oil

If you’re craving Asian flavor, sesame oil will help you achieve the perfect dish. It’s a very flavorful oil and great for cooking vegetables, tofu or stir fry dishes. It’s very rich and you will certainly smell it when you’re cooking with it.

My wife and I use it when we make stir fry dishes in the wok or whenever we cook an Asian noodle type of dish. While it’s not one we use every single day, it gets used about once a week in our house.

I try to get this in organic form, but it’s not always possible to find organic sesame oil at the grocery store. Sometimes, I have to settle for the non-organic option. When I can, I do order this one online just to make sure I can get an organic, non-GMO option.

Usually, you can find it in the baking aisle or in the International foods aisle. With some grocery stores, you’ll want to check both sections for additional choices.

A few good brands of Sesame Oil include:

Cooking with Grapeseed Oil

Plant-Based Cooking Oils

A very clean and light plant-based cooking oil, grapeseed oil offers a good choice if you don’t want the oil taking over your dish. It’s very low in saturated fats and very rich in polyunsaturated fats making it great for those struggling with their cholesterol levels.

Just like coconut oil, grapeseed oil can be used for more than just cooking. It’s good for hair care, skincare and even for acne. In fact, some grapeseed oil products are made specifically for this reason, such as this one from Maple Holistics.

A few good brands of Grapeseed Oil include:

The Most Common Plant-Based Cooling Oil, Olive Oil

The most popular and easiest to find of the different plant-based oils is probably olive oil. It’s a great choice as your all-purpose, go-to oil in the kitchen. This heart-healthy option offers an excellent choice for cooking, salad dressings, and even baking.

When it comes to grocery shopping, I always buy the largest organic, virgin olive oil options they offer. We use it at least once per day, often more. Most grocery stores offer at least one organic option and some even have a store brand that’s organic.

A few good brands of Olive Oil include:

There are many more plant-based cooking oils, but these are the ones I recommend. If you still use vegetable oil, canola oil or Crisco, it’s time to put those in the trash and upgrade your cooking oils. Choose any or all of these 4 different plant-based cooking oils for better health and more flavor in your plant-based dishes.