Piano For All Review

piano for all review

If you are new to playing the piano, then you should know that there are a number of books and eBooks on the market that can help you learn. Some focus on specific aspects of learning the instrument, while others offer a full course of lessons. Regardless of the book or course you choose, you should also make sure that you have a good teacher. These people are the ones who can help you learn the best, and are the ones who will encourage you when you need it most.

Course structure

Piano for all is an online piano learning course developed by Robin Hall, a former cartoonist and keyboard instructor. In addition to its visual component, the program also uses an instructional video that demonstrates important concepts such as hand placement on the keyboard.

The program covers a wide variety of topics from chords to musical notation. Each e-book focuses on a different concept. You can even opt for an All-In-One Course if you want to learn everything in one go.

The program also offers a number of additional resources. There are video lessons, an e-book and a collection of supplementary instructional publications. Combined, these tools are designed to help students master the basics of piano while developing advanced skills such as music theory.

One of the most notable aspects of this program is the structure. It’s designed to be logical and build on a solid foundation. This will help keep your attention during the course, and you’ll be rewarded with a better understanding of the instrument.

In the beginning, the course teaches the basics. Students learn how to sit at the instrument, how to identify basic notes and how to read musical notation. They will also learn how to play by ear. A well structured course will be a huge benefit for students who work through each level methodically.

The program also explains some of the more complicated aspects of playing the piano. For example, it teaches how to read and write music while experimenting with different styles. Another important part of this course is its use of intervals. Intervals are important because they help students understand how to play in more than seven different keys.

Teaching methods

Piano for all teaching course is a comprehensive program that provides lessons on the piano using both visual and auditory methods. It helps students learn a variety of skills such as reading and composing, playing by ear, and playing scales. The course also provides a good foundation for any style of music.

This online course has been around since 2006. Students can watch videos, listen to audio, and practice with a keyboard. However, users are required to make a one-time purchase. Users are then able to download the course to their tablet or device. They can also contact the support team for help.

Each lesson focuses on a particular concept. This makes it easy for the brain to digest the new information. For example, the first eBook focuses on chords. These chords are easy to recognize, and may be familiar to guitarists. But, the first book goes further than the standard chords. Specifically, the instructor talks about how to comp every major and minor triad.

Aside from the basic concepts, the course also teaches key signatures, scales, and improvisation. These concepts are necessary for piano players who wish to play in bands.

The course is divided into nine books. These books range from beginner to advanced. Books seven and eight focus on learning more advanced chords. Book eight also explains musical notation.

The course also includes 500 audio tunes and exercises. These show students how to play the piano, and provide a solid foundation for further lessons.

Unlike other piano courses, the Piano for all teaching course takes a more practical approach. It lays a foundation with simple rhythms and chords. Later, it builds on these foundations with sight-reading, improvisation, and composing.

60 day money back guarantee

If you are considering purchasing a course, check out the 60 day money back guarantee offered by Piano For All. This online program is designed to help people learn the piano in a relatively short amount of time. It comes in the form of eBooks and videos.

The course includes a comprehensive library of piano training material. Students have access to nine e-books, 200 tutorial videos, and 500 audio lessons. You can download the material for $79 or purchase it for the same price in DVD format.

Some of the materials are geared toward beginning pianists, while others are for advanced students. In all, the program has everything a student would need to succeed.

The program also comes with a free moving service. You will receive a refund of your shipping charges if you decide to return the product. However, it is up to you to take advantage of the guarantee.

As a matter of fact, it is very easy to get a refund for a product. Simply contact the company, request a Return Authorization, and get your money back. Keep in mind that you will need to ship the item back in its original packaging.

Although you may find that a few courses do not offer any refunds at all, some offer a short one month period. Another option is to purchase a gift card. Many courses have special deals or offer gift options that can be purchased through their website.

A great alternative is HearAndPlay. Their low tech solutions teach high level theory that is easily digested. They are aimed at Gospel and Gospel related music genres, but they can be used by anyone.


The Piano for all review eBooks is a series of eBooks aimed at helping students learn piano. It includes video and audio lessons. This is the most convenient way to learn how to play the instrument.

Aside from the e-book, there is also a free app available for Android and iOS devices. These programs feature over 500 audio and video tunes. They teach the basics of piano playing and offer tips on practicing and improvisation.

The first eBook teaches the basics of piano notation. It also shows you how to memorize basic rhythms. Another eBook in the series teaches you about chords and rests. And the final book teaches you how to comp every major triad.

Each of the interactive e-books focuses on a different subject. You can find books about playing blues, classical music, piano theory and more.

The eBooks are easy to skim through. Users also report positive experiences with the support team.

The program is designed to take the guesswork out of learning how to play the piano. The eBooks include chords and rhythms, and they are simple to follow. Also, they offer practical tips and tricks.

The bonus book contains advice on focus and mindfulness. The website also provides helpful instructions and troubleshooting information. There are hundreds of video and audio lessons for each level.

The course includes nine e-books, which are available as PDF or interactive eBooks. Users can also purchase the program as an app, a DVD, or both.

As with any learning program, it’s important to use the e-books in the proper order. Unlike the free online courses that you may see online, there is a set structure to the program.

Books that focus on different areas of learning the piano

Many piano books are available today that focus on different aspects of learning the instrument. These include classical, contemporary, and jazz styles of music. There are also specialized books for the younger student. If you are a new or returning student, you can benefit from one of these books.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Series is one of the more popular piano books. It uses text and DVD to teach key positions, arpeggios, and chords. Besides being a good book to use if you are a beginner, it’s great for adults who are looking to get back into playing the piano.

If you are an adult who played the piano as a kid, you may want to consider the Play it Again Piano series. The first book in this series focuses on the elementary level. It includes easy pieces, refreshers of musical symbols, and more advanced pieces.

If you are an older beginner, Nancy Faber’s My First Piano Adventure is a good choice. This book contains 11 units of various styles. Some units are meant to be played by adults who haven’t played the piano in a while, while other units are intended for students who are already experienced with the piano.

Another good book to use if you are an older student is the Denes Agay’s Joy Of… book. In addition to being chosen by many musicians around the world, this book is known for its consistent settings and imaginative selection of material.

You can also look for books that teach rhythm and harmonic concepts. These topics are important foundational skills. Your teacher will fill in the details of these topics.