Lamiglas G-1000 Baitcasting Rod Review

Salmon fishing can be a ton of fun, but you have to have the right baitcasting rod. The Lamiglas G-1000 Baitcasting Rod provides just what you need for salmon fishing. You may even land a sturgeon with this rod.

The rod will work in fast current and can handle up to 10 ounces of lead or more. It’s a shorter rod compared to other Lamiglas choices, which makes it a bit easier to set the hook and cast under trees.

If you prefer to troll with larger weight and lures, this rod will work just fine without doubling over. Those seeking a top-quality salmon fishing rod will be thrilled with the Lamiglas G-1000.

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Ease of Use

This specific baitcasting rod is very easy to use. Beginners will find it easy to load with fishing line and easy to cast. Since it’s shorter than other Lamiglas baitcasting rods, beginners will find it easier to cast, as well.

If you travel to fish, you will find the two-piece design easy to break down and get into any vehicle. This makes it even easier for the beginner to work with this baitcasting rod.

Lamiglas G-1000 Baitcasting Rod Features

  • Portuguese Cork Grips
  • Deep Press Stainless Steel Guides
  • Two-Piece for Easy Storage and Travel
  • Rated for 12-30 Pound Test Line
  • Rated for 1.5 to 4-ounce lures
  • Fugi Reel Seats
  • Provides Moderate Action with a Fast Power Rating
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Value for Money

You can certainly find a cheaper rod than the Lamiglas G-1000, but you won’t get the same value. The craftsmanship behind this rod is backed by a warranty for the life of the rod, making it a great value. For less than $250, you won’t find a better baitcasting rod on the market with such a durable design.

Pros for the Lamiglas G-1000 Baitcasting Rod

This baitcasting fishing rod from Lamiglas has many pros. It’s a great rod for trolling, fishing off the shore or even fishing from the boat. The rod can hand fast currents and provides a shorter design for easier casting.

Cons for the Lamiglas G-1000 Baitcasting Rod

There are not many cons to this fishing rod at all. The only con you might find is the price if you’re on a tight budget. However, the value you get for the money makes the Lamiglas G-1000 worth every penny spent.

Consumer reviews

At the time of writing, the Lamiglas G-1000 Baitcasting Rod has 4 customer reviews on Amazon with an average of 5 stars and you can read them by clicking here.


Finding the right baitcasting rod for salmon isn’t always easy. Some will snap if you get a fighter, while others won’t allow you to feel the pull. However, when you choose the Lamiglas G-1000, you will receive a fishing rod perfect for salmon in high current.

You won’t have to wonder how this fishing rod will perform. It’s one of the best on the market for under $250 and provides what you for catching salmon. You could spend less and end up with a baitcasting rod without the same quality or you can trust one of the top companies in the industry with the Lamiglas G-1000 Baitcasting Rod.