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What Are Your Choices For Kentucky Derby Hats for Women?

If you plan to attend the Kentucky Derby this year, then you are going to want to have one of the many Kentucky derby hats for women that you can wear to the derby and show off.  This is part of the tradition and you do not want to be left out of a tradition that is nearly 150 years old.

Many will show up wearing sexy, stylish, fashionable, sleek, small, large, colorful, and even some very crazy hats.  This is part of the derby and something you should also embrace.  However, you need to know what your options are if you are looking for Kentucky Derby hats for women and do not want to make a mistake.

Kentucky Derby Hats for Women and your Options

Large Derby Hat for Women

Choosing a Stylish Hat

One of the more popular things to do is to go with one of the stylish Kentucky Derby Hats for Women.  This is simply because these hats are made for women to look good in and to match up to their outfit.  You will not get noticed by every single person that walks by, but you will look good and you will have a great hat for the derby.

Going with a Sexy Hat

Really when you are choosing one of the Derby Hat you could go with a sexy hat, but it has to have a very sexy outfit to work.  This is a more sleek and trendy type of hat that not every woman can wear and feel comfortable in.

However, if you are a very confident woman and you know you are sexy, then choose a sexy outfit and a hat that matches.

Get Crazy with your Derby Hat

Now if you are on the crazy side and you like to be noticed for being outrageous, then you can go with a derby hat that is much crazier.  There are many crazy derby hats for women to choose from, but you will most likely have to spruce it up on your own.

Many stores do not carry crazy Kentucky Derby Hats for Women, but you can find some ideas online and make your hat look as crazy as you want.

Kentucky Derby Hats for Women and what the Celebrities Choose

Sexy Kentucky Derby Hat for Women

The Kentucky Derby is very popular and is a bit of a fashion show for celebrities.  They show up in droves and they are not afraid to show off some amazing hats. Most celebrities go with Kentucky Derby Hats for Women that are more modern and safe.

They have an image to hold up and know they are going to get spotted.  However, some celebrities have used large hats to help hide from the masses and others have used their hat to help blend in.

This is something you can also think about if you are well known or you just do not want to be seen by people you may not care for.  The hat you choose can help to make you stand out or blend in and the choice really is yours.  There are many good hats for women to wear to the Kentucky Derby. If you’re trying to choose one, you just need to start trying on a few until you find the one that fits just right.