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Keeping Your Home Warm with Low-Tech Options

Whether you live in an older home or a newer home, keeping your home warm is a necessity. Some of the older homes have plenty of character and offer great charm in the warmer months. However, when the colder air starts to make its way through, it can be hard to keep your home warm. Here are a few tips to help warm up your home.

Draft Extruders

One of the easiest ways to keep some of the cold air out is with a draft extruder. These come in several different colors and types. They go right up next to your door and you won’t have to worry about air coming in from underneath.

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Whether you prefer the look of blinds or not, using curtains throughout the winter months can help save you cash on your heating. Curtains help to keep your home. However, if you don’t want to install new curtains, you can use a wool blanket shade instead. These go well with leather straps and they work great in the bedrooms.

Insulation Tape

Maybe not the most fun item to use for keeping the home warm, insulation tape can help. You can choose from several different types, but the best is Double Sided Foam Insulation Tape from Eco Foil. This tape helps to keep the heat in and the cold air out. Use it on your door frames and windows.

Heated Rugs

Heated Rugs Keeping Your Home Warm

A very easy way to make your heating bill drop and your home warm is by heating your rugs. This is easily done with a heated floor mat under your rugs. This will warm up any small room. You can get Rug-Heat mats in many different sizes from about $150 to $300.

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Door Seal Bottom

For less than $12, you can keep the cold air out by adding a door seal bottom to your doors. The Silver Cinch Door Seal Bottom is a great choice and can easily be added to the bottom of any door. You will barely notice it.

These tips will help you to keep the home you live in warm. You can also think about shutting off the heat to rooms you are not using by closing the vents. Of course, keeping plenty of blankets around and wearing a sweater will allow you to keep your heat at a lower level while remaining cozy.