Ice Fishing for Walleye Tips and Tricks

Catching walleye is quite a bit of fun and ice fishing for walleye is no exception. Some like to sit out on the lake and catch perch all day, while others prefer walleye because of the challenge. If you love to catch walleye, here are a few tips and tricks you can use this winter when you go ice fishing for walleye.


The biggest tip you can ever get when it comes to catching any type of fish is to gain as much knowledge as possible. The more you know about ice fishing for walleye, the better of you will be.

Location for Ice Fishing for Walleye

Understanding where walleye are often located will make a big difference. Walleye, regardless of the season, tend to stay near the bottom. They may be just a few feet from the bottom hanging out around a pile of rocks or some other type of structure. This structure usually helps to provide shelter and may provide a place for food.

Walleye are also known to like being near areas where they can get to deep water fast. This means they may be found near bars, breaks or points.

When you are ice fishing for walleye during early ice, they will be found in similar places as they are found during the summer. However, as the winter progresses, the walleye will move out to mid-lake humps, which is similar to mid-summer fishing. This is due to the water being a little bit warmer, which is more comfortable for the fish.

Towards the end of the ice fishing season, the walleye will start to move closer to shallower water and prepare for pre-spawn.

Proper Presentation for Landing Walleye

The most effective presentation for ice fishing for walleye is jigging. This is basically raising your rod tip up about a foot, and then dropping it back down. You will want to do this just a few feet from the bottom since this is where walleye like to go.

You can even touch the bottom with your bait as it will stir up the bottom a bit, which may attract fish. Don’t overdo this, however, or you may scare off the fish.

Keep in mind, when you are jigging, you have to stop. Walleye won’t take your bait until you stop unless they are very active. You should wait at least 3 seconds in between raising and dropping.

Top Jigging Lures for Ice Fishing for Walleye

If you want to catch all types of walleye this year, you need the right lures for jigging. There are a few main choices to try, which include:

  • Rapala 1-Inch Jigging Shad
  • Berry’s Flex-It Spoon
  • Lindy Rattl’N Flyer Spoon
  • Northland Fishing Tackle Magnum Air – Plane Jig

Along with these jigging options, you can use the  Acme Kastermaster Lure or the Swedish Pimple, which are both known as flash spoons.

With the right jigging technique and lures, you will be catching walleye in no time.

Take the Right Equipment

Make sure you have the right equipment if you want to catch walleye while ice fishing. You will want the right ice fishing rod and reel, along with the right line. Of course, you will also want to dress for the weather so that you can stay nice and warm. You can find out about the equipment you need for ice fishing by reading our article called, Iowa Ice Fishing: Destinations, Tips and More!

If you want to have fun catching walleye this winter, use these ice fishing tips and you’ll be able to catch the big one!