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How To Wean A Co-Sleeping Baby

When it comes to learning how to wean a co-sleeping baby, you may need a little help. It’s not an easy thing to do, but you can learn how.

When you bring home a new baby it’s hard to put them in a room by themselves and leave them. You want your baby right there with you so you can monitor their every move. You want to be able to look at them while they sleep.

You want to take pictures. You want to feel them next to you and enjoy their presence. But co-sleeping is very dangerous as evidenced by so many recent news stories talking about it. The possible risks involved with co-sleeping can’t be ignored.

Co-sleeping might be okay for a short while, but ultimately you’ll have to transition your baby to a crib or a bed of their own. Here’s how you can do this.

Put a crib or a co-sleeper inside of your bedroom

Co-Sleeping Baby

Sure, it might not be pleasant for you and your partner goes, but it’s only temporary. If you must have your baby in the same room with you then don’t have them in the bed. Instead, put them in a crib or a co-sleeper close to your bed.

The goal is to get you, child, comfortable sleeping on their own. At first, this might take some time, but gradually they’ll begin to get more comfortable. Once your child appears like they put up little to no resistance you can try moving them to a room of their own. It might fail the first time, but don’t be discouraged.

Try placing your baby in a crib while they’re still awake

Sometimes your baby will be resistant to sleeping on their own because they’re a little scared. So what you can do is put them in a co-sleeper or crib while they’re still awake. Use this time to play with them a little bit. Use some toys.

Talk in a pleasant voice. Play some soothing music. Do whatever it takes to engage your baby while they’re awake in the crib or co-sleeper. The goal is for them to get comfortable with the new surrounding so that ultimately they’ll fall asleep without being afraid anymore. This works well.

Provide your child with something they can sleep with

Wean a Co-Sleeping Baby

Sometimes all your child needs to be comfortable sleeping on their own is a toy. Usually, they’ll need some kind of stuffed animal with musical effects. This will make it much easier for them to get comfortable without you being there.

Just make sure whatever toy you used wasn’t something that would put them in danger. It should be large enough not to fit in their mouth while still being comfortable to have with them.

Try sleeping by your kid until they get used to being alone

If you’ve already moved your child to a different room altogether, then you don’t want to leave them alone just yet. If your child puts up any resistance you should consider sleeping on the floor near them for a short while.

This is usually all it takes for them to get comfortable in their new environment. After a short while, you should be able to leave them alone altogether.

Getting your baby out of your bed and into their own crib or co-sleeper is very important. While it might feel nice to have your child next to you, the dangers are just too great for you to do this steadily.

You might think the risk is low and that you’d never do anything to intentionally harm your child, but no parent ever intends for anything bad to happen. Don’t take the risk. Use the tips mentioned here to wean your co-sleeping baby.

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