How to Improve Your Bass Fishing With Frogs

bass fishing with frogs

If you’re looking for a way to improve your bass fishing with frogs, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover a variety of topics from putting weight on your frog to rattling beads.

Hollow-body vs hard-plastic frogs

When fishing for bass, you can choose from two types of frogs. Hollow-body and soft-body. Both have different attributes that can affect your success. For example, a hollow body frog is more target oriented. The body of the frog will collapse when struck by a bass. This makes the frog easier to skip.

A hollow-body frog is usually made of soft rubber or silicone. These lures are very effective when they are dragged across dense cover. They also have good weed-less properties. Most of them have double upturned hooks that do not snag on weeds and grass.

While both types of frogs are effective in open water, hollow-body frogs work better in heavy vegetation. Whether you are fishing a small creek or a large lake, these frogs can be a fun way to catch bass.

Rattling beads

Frogs are one of the best soft plastics for bass fishing. Their hollow body makes them perfect for adding scent. They also work well in clear water. A frog on the end of a monofilament line looks like it’s hopping from the cover to open water.

Frogs come in various sizes and materials, but a quality soft hollow bodied model is easy to cast. For the best results, try casting the frog onto the bank. This will make the bait appear to be walking on its own and will fool even the most hardened of old salts.

Adding weight to the frog is a good way to attract more strikes. The added weight can help the frog to sit lower in the water and help it to work better on vegetation and mats. However, if you add too much, you can wind up with a sore back.

Adding weight to your frog

If you are looking for a new way to catch bass, you might want to consider using frogs. They can work in virtually any type of water. But, you need to get the most out of them.

Choosing the right frog and learning how to put weight on it are essential to success. There are many different types of frogs out there, and each one is designed for a particular purpose. So, which one will best suit your fishing needs?

Frogs are popular for several reasons. One is that they can be cast easily into water. Secondly, they are small and light enough to be easily retrieved. Finally, a frog can be fished from a boat. This allows you to keep the bait on the surface of the water.

Floating vs weedless

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to catch bass, you may want to consider frog fishing. This method can be very enjoyable and you will probably look forward to it each year. You will need a stout rod and a strong line to use when catching these creatures.

Frogs are one of the few species of prey that bass can attack. They tend to stay in close proximity to land. Bass will also attack frogs in cover, such as a dock or tree. The best time to fish for frogs is in the spring, when they are feeding shallows. During the pre-spawn, you are more likely to see bass interacting with these creatures.

When you are catching frogs, you want to ensure that you have a stout rod and preferably a braided line. A braided line offers a bit of stretch and it helps to keep the frogs in place.

Smaller frogs in ponds

Using smaller frogs in ponds for bass fishing is an exciting method that will help you catch more bass. Often times, bass will hide in the scum and mats. These scum and mats can be tough to find because they are floating on the surface of the pond. But once you spot them, you can use these to your advantage!

Several companies have developed mini frogs. They are perfect for farm ponds and can also be used for frog fishing. You can find them in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

You can also find life-like infant frogs that are ideal for open water. They come with stout hooks and have skirted legs. These models have the same action as the larger models.

Frogs have been a popular lure for bass fishermen for many years. While it may seem like they’re a bit of a waste of time, they’re actually quite effective. The key is to use a heavy braid and a big stick. If you have a boat, you can easily cast frog lures around weed banks. For open water, you can try aftermarket rattles that can add extra noise to your bait.