Guitar Control Review

Whether you’re looking for a new guitar control system or you want to improve the one you have, we’ll help you find the right one. We’ve reviewed a wide range of products from the Artec VTC to Fender Play to Wildkat. These products will keep your finger tips happy and keep your guitar performing well.

Claude Johnson

Claude Johnson is an accomplished guitarist and a well known musical instruction instructor. His online courses are the best-selling musical instruction products on the Internet. His courses have been taught to thousands of guitar players around the world. There have been accusations of misleading business practices and promises not delivered, but many guitar players still consider Claude a thorough teacher. His videos are easy to follow and the lessons are broken down in simple terms.

Claude’s system is designed to accommodate the needs of musicians of all skill levels. It makes music instruction affordable for even the poorest musicians. He has a number of products available, including Acoustic Mastery, a course that teaches rhythms and picking patterns, and the Ultimate Guitar Song Collection, which is a collection of 75 classic guitar songs. The product is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The Killer Guitar Control Secrets is a course that is specifically designed for intermediate and advanced guitarists. The main focus is on the essential technique of the guitar, including the brain-to-hand connection and the fretboard knowledge. The course is less expensive than two tickets to a rock concert, and it is also cheaper than an effect pedal.

Claude Johnson is an expert musician and he has been teaching guitar for more than 25 years. He has created a comprehensive, easy-to-follow lesson plan for beginner and advanced guitar players. His instructional videos feature him in a relaxed and friendly manner. His method incorporates singing and playing while learning, and he is proud of his unconventional approach to music instruction.

Claude’s guitar lessons are affordable and they are easy to follow. He has a full line of guitar products, including the Electric Guitar Course, Guitar Lessons Course, and the Ultimate Guitar Song Collection.

Artec VTC

Adding an Artec VTC to your guitar is an easy way to add bite and a bit of crunch to your sound. The VTC is an onboard booster that works with any bass or electric guitar. It uses a push/pull switch to control your tone. The switch works with passive pickups or active pickups, so you can use it with any type of pick up.

Using the VTC with your guitar is an easy way to boost the low end, open up the mid range, and get a nice, clear treble. It’s also a great option for reducing distortion and improving the overall sound of your instrument. It’s an especially good idea if you like to crunch your sound.

Artec’s VTC is made of zebra wood. The control is built to last for up to 7,000 hours of continuous use. It features a touch sensitive low, mid, and high frequency compressor, which is akin to a high quality EQ. The unit also has a Tone-trimmer. It’s the best onboard sound enhancer you can buy, and it’s a lot cheaper than going to a studio to have a custom set of electronics put on your instrument.

Getting the Artec VTC on your bass or electric guitar is easy, and it will make your bass or electric guitar sound better than it ever has before. The knob has a very small current drain, so it will work with passive pickups. It’s the only onboard boost you will need, and it will add a ton of tone to your instrument.

Fender Play

Developed by Fender, the world’s largest manufacturer of guitars, Fender Play is an online guitar learning system that includes more than 1,500 video lessons. It’s been around for a few years, and it has shown some promising evolution.

One of the best features of the Fender Play system is its user flow. Each lesson is broken down into a few basic steps. These include choosing a music genre, selecting an instrument, taking a placement test, and watching a video. After that, a curated list of resources is given to the user. These include videos, music, and even a glossary.

Fender Play also has an active Facebook group, which connects players with instructors. These instructors offer weekly challenges, practice tips, and exclusive content. It’s a great way to meet fellow players, learn new tips, and improve your playing skills.

Unlike other online guitar courses, the Fender Play lessons are taught by world class musicians. The videos have good production values, but the quality of the content doesn’t live up to the hype.

There is a bit of a learning curve, but Fender Play does a good job of breaking down the process. The best part is that they have a large selection of songs and riffs in a variety of musical genres. You can pick a song that is similar to the music you are interested in, or choose a more modern song that suits your taste.

The other nifty trick of Fender Play is the practice mode. The site allows users to select songs and riffs, and then check their technique. This allows for individual tailoring of lessons to suit your needs.

Other notable features of Fender Play include the ability to customize your progression path and track your progress. They also have a nifty notification system that will alert you when new content is available.


Among the most popular semi-hollow guitars today, the Epiphone Wildkat is one of the best value picks for beginners or those looking to upgrade. Its solid, mahogany body and two P90 pickups provide excellent sound and playability. The Wildkat is also great for rockabilly, blues, and country. The neck has two single coil pickups with two volume controls for each. Its slim taper D-profile neck is comfortable to play, especially with larger hands.

The Epiphone Wildkat features a classic design that delivers a taste of real semi-hollow instruments. It features warm tonewoods and a hand-wired control assembly. Its semi-hollowbody creates a rich, full sound that’s perfect for a wide range of musical styles.

A semi-hollow guitar is a guitar with a hollow chamber on each side of the body. This creates a sound that’s best used without an amp. It’s a great choice for blues and jazz, but isn’t ideal for hard metal or high gain distortion.

It’s a little difficult to make a semi-hollow guitar, because of the hardware. Unlike a typical acoustic guitar, a semi-hollow guitar requires a lot of craftsmanship. Oftentimes, a semi-hollow guitar comes with a humbucker pickup. However, a humbucker won’t produce the kind of overdriven blues sound that a P90 will.

The Bigsby tremolo system is one of the most popular semi-hollow guitar hardware. However, the problem with this is that it can throw tuning out of whack. The best way to avoid this problem is to use heavier gauge strings. The tremolo will also add a nice vintage look to the guitar.

The Wildkat has a few other good features, including a three-way pick-up switch and a master tone. It’s also got a master volume, which allows you to control the volume of both pickups independently. Its solid wood block through the middle of the body adds a bit of sustain and reduces feedback.