Funny Gifts For Men

funny gifts for men

If you’re buying a gift for someone with a twisted sense of humour, a funny gag gift is a surefire way to tickle their ribs. Whether it’s a box of jerky or beard ornaments, these silly presents will have them giggling all day long.

This basic black mug uses heat-activated technology to reveal the infamous Barry Wood meme. It’s one of the best gag gifts for men and perfect for Secret Santa parties.

2. Coffee Mug

If your buddy loves his coffee and doughnuts together, he’ll love this funny mug that proclaims their mutual affinity. Perfect for pranking unsuspecting victims, this mug makes a great gift for the guy who knows how to pull a good practical joke.

Give your guy a laugh every time he uses his coffee mug with this dad joke-loaded mug. He’ll smile each morning when he sees “Probably Whiskey” printed on both sides.

For the guy who always says BS, this red color official BS button puts him in check. Also a perfect prank for office colleagues. He’ll have fun cackling with this NSFW set of sexy Madlibs.

3. Slippers

The right gift can get a knee-slapping laugh out of even the most serious guy. That’s why we’ve got a whole list of funny gifts for men that’ll do the trick.

These comically plush sneaker slippers will make him giggle at his own expense. Designed with elastic shoelaces, they’ll also keep his feet warm this winter.

If he loves bathroom humor, beer belly jokes or lighthearted pranks, this waterproof beer belly fanny pack will be his favorite gag gift. It’s perfect for a white elephant party or a secret Santa gift. Unlike other men’s bathroom humor gifts, this one is actually functional! The scented Poo-Pourri Trap-A-Crap air freshener eliminates stinky bathroom odor before it starts.

4. Dog Pun Shirt

If your guy loves a good pun, this funny gift for men is sure to please. Whether it’s the beer belly joke, the poo pun or the “pure bread” pun, he’ll love this t-shirt that’s sure to spark a lot of conversation.

NSFW gifts are always a hit when it comes to white elephant parties. This poo-filled set of Madlibs is perfect for dark humor fans, while this toilet timer is ideal for guys who are trying to lose weight. Even non-funny guys will love this sequined Nicolas Cage pillow. It’s a funny gift for men that will give them a laugh every time they see it.

5. Cake Topper

Men love to laugh and these funny gag gifts are sure to get a knee-slapping roar out of them. Whether for birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day, these hilarious presents will make them bust a gut.

Gift this bathroom-themed gag gift to guys who enjoy poop humor. It’s packed with riddles, puzzles and more to pass the time while they’re on the loo.

Fit guys will love this moose-shaped beer holder that allows them to keep their drink close by. And they’ll be able to make a statement with their giant foam fist! This funny gag gift is also great for men who have a passion for Nicolas Cage.

6. Ugly Sweater

If you’re shopping for a guy who can’t take himself too seriously, this ugly sweater is the perfect funny gift. They’ll be sure to laugh about this one at any party!

This fake beer belly fanny pack is both hilarious and functional. It’ll help him store his beer, wallet, and other items in style.

Guys who love dad jokes will get a kick out of this gag gift. It’s a great way to tease them before they get the real surprise! It’ll also make a great white elephant gift. It’s sure to elicit some groans at any Christmas party! It’s a fun way to get your friends in the holiday spirit.