Freshwater Fishing Tips for Catching Bass

Catching any type of bass can be quite a thrill. Many anglers love fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass because they are so much fun to catch. However, if you don’t have the right tips, you may struggle to land a trophy fish. Here are some of the top freshwater fishing tips for catching bass.

Pre-Spawn is the Best Time to Fish for Bass

Even though it’s certainly not the only time you will be able to catch largemouth bass, pre-spawn is the best time. This time usually starts in the spring when the water is between 55 and 65 degrees.

Both male and female bass will move to shallow areas and start to feed very aggressively. They will also be on the hunt for a place to nest. If you’re after a trophy bass, fish during the pre-spawn season and you will have a great chance at catching that trophy bass.

The Time of Day Matters

The time of day you fish for any type of fish matters. This is one of the most important freshwater fishing tips for catching bass. If you expect to catch bass during the wrong times of the day, you will just be wasting your time.

The best time of the day to fish for bass is the first few hours of the morning as the sun is just rising. This is when they are feeding the most. They will also feed quite a bit during the last few hours of the evening.

The only time bass are very active during the afternoon is on a cloudy day or when the water is muddy. The best time to hit your favorite fishing hole for bass is the first hour of sun and the last hour of sun each day.

Watch Your Line

So, you’ve arrived at your favorite fishing hole at the right time and you’re ready to land that trophy bass. You will want to keep an eye on your line and examine it right above the lure you are suing. If this area of your fishing line becomes frayed, you may hook that trophy bass just to watch it escape.

Often, the line near the lure will get caught on rocks, branches, gravel and other things within the water. If it looks frayed, make sure you adjust your lure to ensure you don’t lose that monster largemouth bass.

Check out the Map

No matter where you are fishing, you can find a map of the water online. This will help you spot any structures, drop-offs or areas where bass may find shelter. If you can spot the areas where they may be nesting or feeding the most, you will have a better chance of catching your next trophy.

Understand the Habits of Bass

There are several freshwater fishing tips for catching bass, but every professional angler understands the habits of bass. This will help you know when the best times to fish are and what type of lure to use. Often, the weather will help you understand what bass will be looking for and where they are.

If it’s sunny, bass may look for shelter, while if it’s cloudy, they may come out and feed. When bass are looking for shelter or under shelter, you have to get your lure near their shelter to draw them out. This will help you on those sunny days when bass will be hiding.

Examine Caught Bass for More Tips

Bass will act differently based on where they are and a local bass can tell you quite a bit about the habits of local bass. When they fight, often, they will vomit up what they have been eating. If you look at the inside of the mouth of the fish, you may be able to find out what they feed on, which can help with choosing the right bait.

Use Live Bait

Often, you will use a fake lure to catch bass, but sometimes live bait is a better choice. Shiners are a great way to catch bass and you should hook them through both lips or the dorsal fin. You can also try frogs, crayfish, worms, and other live baits. With the right slip bobber, you can get the right depth without sacrificing your ability to cast.

Smaller Lures Don’t Mean Smaller Fish

The size of your lure won’t attract the same size fish. If you use a smaller lure, you can still catch larger bass. Largemouth bass will go after bait about 25% to 50% the size of the fish. This means, large lures can catch smaller fish and smaller lures can catch larger fish.

Choose the Right Lure

There are several great lures you can use to catch bass. It’s important to have many different lures in your tackle box, as some will work better in certain areas and at certain times of the day. The weather can also dictate the type of lure you may want to use.

Some of the top lures for catching largemouth bass include:

Booya Buzzbait

This lure will help to attract large bass because of the large design. It has been used by many professionals in bass tournaments. The bait will create a loud buzzing noise, which will attract fish from all over the area. It’s best in muddy waters or during days when bass are in hiding.

Rose Kuli Swimbait

This lure is quite innovative and provides a great choice for replicating a baitfish. It’s designed specifically for bass and provides a very lifelike type of action. You can use this lure any time to catch largemouth bass.

Banjo Minnow

Even though you may not be able to use the banjo minnow in some tournaments, it’s a great choice if you want to catch bass. They come in many sizes and colors and the action mimics that of an actual fish. It’s the most lifelike lure you will find on the market for bass.

Strike King Big Bass Lure Kit

This kit is one of the best for catching bass as it provides multiple lures for your specific needs. You will have a lure to mimic just about any type of bait bass feed on from frogs to baitfish and more. If you’re looking for a kit to fill your tackle box, this is one of the top choices on the market.

Peacock Topwater Bass Lure Kit

Fishing for bass with topwater baits can be very productive. This kit from Peacock is one of the best you will find for topwater fishing. Adding this lure kit and the Strike King kit to your tackle box will give you just about everything you need for any type of bass fishing.

The top lures will make a difference and all of the recommended lures above are proven to catch all types of bass in all kinds of conditions. Make sure you pair your lures with the right rod and reel for catching largemouth bass. Choosing the best fishing rod can make a huge difference when fishing for bass.

If you want to catch your next trophy bass, you need the best freshwater fishing tips for catching bass. Use the tips above and give some of the recommended lures a try. You might just be landing your biggest largemouth bass yet!