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Fishing Tips for Catching more Walleye

If you love fishing for walleye, the right fishing tips will help you with catching more walleye. This wonderful fish can be quite a bit of fun to catch and quite delicious on your dinner table. Here are our top fishing tips to help you catch more walleye.

About the Fish Called Walleye

Catch More Walleye

Walleye are a species of fish found in both the northern United States and Canada. They are a freshwater fish that never stop growing. This solidarity fish will work together to capture prey.

When walleye are found in clear water, they often are found near the bottom of the water but will come to the surface during the evening. If the water is murky, the walleye will often feed along the bottom all day long.

Top Tips for Catching More Walleye

Catching walleye isn’t always easy. They can be a difficult fish to find and to land. They will put up quite the fight, especially larger walleye. Here are a few professional tips to help you catch more walleye.

Use Minnows as Live Bait

Using minnows will give you one of the best opportunities to catch walleye. When they are between 2 and 4 inches, you have the best chance. You want to hook the minnow behind the dorsal fin or through the lips with a #4 or #1 hook.

Using the Right Scent

With walleye, the right scent will make a big difference. They are a clever fish and you want to avoid any man-made or unnatural scents on your bait. This will tip off the walleye and you won’t have much luck. You can add a liquid fishing attractant to your rig if you want to ensure walleye will love the way it smells.

A Lighter Line is Best

Using a lighter fishing line will allow you to catch more walleye. This type of line will give you less resistance, which provides less drag when you use a lure. The walleye will be able to suck the lure in easily and you won’t get a short strike.

Bottom Bouncing Rigs are Powerful

Since walleye feed on the bottom, an L-shaped bottom bouncing rig is an excellent choice. This type of rig will allow the lure to bounce up and down off the bottom, which helps to attract walleye. If you work this type of rig right, you will get a hard strike and catch more walleye.

Stealth with a Boat

If you are fishing for walleye from a boat, you must be very stealthy. They can detect boats pulling up, especially gas-powered boats. You should coast into your chosen fishing spot from at least 50 feet out to keep the walleye from noticing.

Equipment for Catching More Walleye

Along with the professional tips above, you need the right setup to catch more walleye. Here are a few recommended items to add to your tackle box and collection.

If you set up your rig correctly, find a hot walleye fishing spot and you use the right bait, you can catch more walleye. Use our tips above and you will have a better chance to catch more walleye this fishing season.