Cool Gifts For Men Under $50

gifts for men under 50

When you are looking for a gift for a man, you will find that there are a lot of options out there. You can get him a nice set of custom wood and leather watches, a bottle cap collector’s sign, or a Ticket stub organizer. Whatever you choose, you will be sure to find something that he will enjoy for years to come.

Ammo cans

Ammo cans are cool and functional, and a great gift for the man in your life. They are not only functional, but inexpensive. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes, from a small handheld version to a larger one with room for cigars. The possibilities are endless, and they make the perfect present for any man in your life.

An ammo can is also a great place to store other cool stuff, such as bug out bags, fishing tackle boxes, and a mini stove. If you’re not into firearms, then you can still use an ammo can to keep your snack stash out of the hands of the neighborhood mouse.

Custom wood and leather watches

A wooden watch can be a great accessory for anyone. They are not only stylish but have natural character that cannot be replicated. There are many brands of wood watches to choose from. However, you may need to do some research before choosing one.

Wooden Earth has a selection of unique watches for men. The watches are made from durable materials and are priced affordably. Featuring eye-catching details and clean lines, they are sure to stand out on your wrist.

Bobo Bird watches feature both analog and digital movement styles. They use sustainable materials such as wood and reclaimed woods. You can customize the watch’s face, hands and back with your own photos, images, symbols and words.

Ticket stub organizer

If you have an obsession with baseball or football you’ll be glad to know that it’s no longer impossible to get your hands on a ticket stub. Even if you don’t follow the sport you may have snagged tickets for your favorite game from time to time, and you can do it all in style with a cool ticket stub organizer. These organizers are made from durable materials and are perfect for holding not only your ticket stubs but programs from museums, concerts, and even your flyers from the best movies of the year.

You’ll be surprised to find out that it’s not that hard to find a ticket stub organizer in your price range, so you can put your hard-earned money to good use instead of going to the local binder store and paying for a copy of the latest magazine. The best ticket stub organizers are made of sturdy Lucite slabs, beveled edges, and four screw closures at the corners.

Cedar coasters

If you are looking for a gift for men, a set of cedar coasters is a must have. The natural oil finish is not only durable but also boasts a nifty cedar scent that will make the man in your life smile. Also, the best time to use these beauties is during dinner or a nightcap.

One thing to consider is the fact that these beauties may not be suitable for your particular abode. Hence, it may be worth the hassle to check out a few other types of coasters. There are numerous online companies that offer a plethora of wooden coasters, and some of them are crafted with a twist.

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is a great way to build strength and endurance in the fingers. It is a popular hand strengthener among professional athletes and strength trainers. However, it is also a good option for people who spend a lot of time using their hands in their hobbies.

Unlike other grippers, the Gripmaster is made with a finger-piston system that isolates each finger. This provides a challenge to the weaker fingers, which helps develop coordination.

Although the Pro version has heavier tension, the original Gripmaster is also a good choice for beginners. Both versions have a sturdy construction, and the rubber palm grip is secure and comfortable.