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Can you Prepare for Marriage Before you find the One?

If you plan to ever get married someday, regardless of whether or not you’ve met someone you may be considering marrying, you can still prepare yourself for the calling before it happens. When you feel called to something and you know that someday it will be in the cards for you, you can start preparing yourself for the transition early.

When you are young and know that marriage is a calling for you someday, you can prepare for marriage now by embracing your life now while you watch God’s plan unravels and you can make good decisions now in consideration of your future spouse. Here is a look at how to prepare for marriage before you’ve even found “the one.”

When you’re new to dating

Preparing for Marriage

You may be new to the dating world and feeling unsure of where to begin. Even so, you may still feel that you are called to this vocation even though you’ve never been on a date or asked someone out. It’s important to keep praying about the situation and to pray for your future spouse because they may be struggling with the same issues even though you don’t even know them yet.

While you may feel lonely, it’s important to use this time the best you can; stay active with the church, work on your education, find ways to give back and enjoy your friendships and hobbies.

While your friends may be getting married and you haven’t even dated yet, that’s okay because God has a different plan for each of us and we have to wait for it to unfold at the right time. If you were to meet your future spouse now as you wish, it may be the wrong time where one or both of you aren’t truly ready for marriage yet.

While you may feel insecure about the situation now, focusing on yourself and living your life to the fullest now will help you get to where you want to be.

Adjust your way of thinking

Instead of praying for God to bring you your spouse now and to make them attractive, change your prayers into a selfless plea for help. Ask God not to bring you your spouse now because you are lonely, but rather to help you to serve Him better and follow your future vocation of marriage and family.

Stop making it all about you and instead, adjust your priorities. You’ll gain confidence and lose insecurities when you start putting the needs of others at the forefront because helping others brings us joy.

Find meaning in your single life

Prepare for Marriage

You may need to use this time to focus on other areas that could use improvement, need maintaining or simply bring you happiness. Perhaps a workout regime would make you feel great about your health and mental state of being.

While focusing on your visits to the gym, you may accidentally meet a great potential spouse. This could also be a time to focus on developing skills, utilizing your talents and building meaningful friendships that you’ll want around when you do meet your future spouse.

Be careful not to look at these things as something to fill the time while you wait for life to really begin when you’re married. Your spouse should compliment you rather than fulfill you. Being happy in your own skin is what will attract the right mate. People are attracted to confidence and want to meet someone that will teach them something new, inspire them or coincide with their interests.

When you know your vocation is to someday be married, start preparing now by living your life to the fullest as it is now, work on yourself so that you are the best version of yourself when your spouse comes along and have something to bring to the table that would attract the right spouse to you in the future. Then, God’s plan can unravel at the right time while you are living a happy life patiently.