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Beginner Golf Tips: Making it Much Easier to Learn Golf as a Beginner!

The right beginner golf tips go a very long way. If you are thinking about taking up golf, but you are unsure where to start, then you need to get some advice or you might head down the wrong path.  Too many beginners have no idea where to start and that is why these beginner golf tips have been compiled for you.

These tips come from a graduate of the Golf Academy of America, which some believe holds more value than a PGA member.  Here are the tips you are after and make sure you pay close attention.

1. Do not skip right to the full swing

Beginner Golf Tips

Golf is a very difficult game and even the best players struggle sometimes.  This can make it very frustrating and it will only become harder to learn if you go right into trying to learn the full swing.  The biggest mistake that beginners make is they go to a range, with a buddy or a few clubs, and they try to hit the ball.

This is not the proper way to learn golf as a beginner.  This will only make you more frustrated and make you want to play golf less.

2.  Start with putting, chipping, and pitching

This is the most important of all the beginner golf tips and you need to pay very close attention.  The stroke that is used in putting is the most basic and shortest stroke in golf.  All other strokes are built upon this one stroke.  The chip shot is much like a putt, but with an iron and is a bit longer of a stroke.

Next, we have the pitch shot, which is about a half swing and is basically the bottom part of the full swing.  If you can use this one of the beginner golf tips and learn these three shots it will make learning the full swing much easier.

3.  The next big Mistake – Getting a lesson from a PGA professional

Golf Tips

Another mistake that many beginning golfers make is they purchase and take one lesson from a PGA professional.  There is nothing wrong with getting a lesson and taking a lesson, but as a beginner, you need a series of lessons that are designed specifically for you.

This is very important because if you only take one lesson, then you will learn very little.  If you can find a PGA professional that has a series of lessons already in place for the beginning golfer, then you will be better off.  They will probably start with the shots that were mentioned above and also teach you some of the basic rules and the etiquette of the game.

4.  Patience (The Most Important of the Beginner Golf Tips)

Learning how to play golf is like learning how to walk for the first time.  Some of those that are already somewhat athletic will pick up a club and be able to at least get the ball airborne right off the bat, but they will have very little control over it.  Others will not even be able to hit the ball.

However, if you can be patient and take between 6 and 12 lessons before you expect to be able to consistently hit a golf ball, then you will see some pretty amazing results.

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