Bass Fishing With Frog Lures

bass fishing with frog lures

Bass fishing with frog lures can be a very effective and fun method of catching fish. But first, you have to know how to pick the best frog lures for bass fishing. This article will give you all of the information you need to make the best choices.

Poppin’ Pad Crasher

If you’re looking for a topwater frog lure, you need look no further than the Poppin’ Pad Crasher. It’s a solid choice for most bass fishing situations. The action is fun, and the frog is easy to cast and retrieve.

This lure has an interesting design, and a decent pop action. The tail on this frog makes a loud noise that calls fish from afar. Unlike most poppers, the tail can move if the angler wants it to.

Having a few different colors on your lure can help you catch more fish. You’ll also want to invest in a braided line and stiff rod to make your casting and retrieving more effective.

The BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Crasher is an innovative frog lure. Not only does it have a great body, but it has a stout hook to keep your catches coming.

A frog lure is a type of bait that is designed to replicate a variety of aquatic creatures, including shad, panfish, toads, and frogs. It usually has a cupped mouth and two hooks around the rear. It can be fished in shallow or deep water, and it can work well in heavy mat or open water.

A frog lure has to be able to glide through cover and weeds, and it’s also got to have a good pop. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices available.

Booyah Toadrunner

The Booyah Toadrunner is the latest in soft-body frog technology. It combines the buzzing action of a buzzbait with the floating top-water frog to provide a unique frogfishing experience. This frog is designed to produce a jarring reaction from predatory bass, producing bone-jarring strikes.

This frog features a 360-degree rotating tail that produces a plethora of effects. When flipped, the tail creates a gurgling noise that can be used to attract fish. Another great feature is the adjustable leg which can be bent to change the shape and motion of the bait.

In addition to the aforementioned tail, the Booyah Toadrunner has several other cool features. For example, the frog comes equipped with short fiber legs that produce a lifelike motion when retrieved.

The frog also includes a snag-proof design. This makes the Booyah Toadrunner a solid choice for a bassfishing trip.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the cheapest frog out there. However, it’s about 30% less expensive than other brands. That’s the best part.

This toad runner is perfect for sparse to medium cover, and works well in stormy conditions. If you are going to use this, be sure to check the legs before each cast. Otherwise, the frog could snag and cause you to lose your snag-free battle.

Hollow body frogs

Hollow body frogs are an extremely versatile lure for bass fishing. You can use them in open water, in weedy cover, in sparse cover, or in heavy cover. Having a hollow body frog is a must for any bass angler’s arsenal. These frogs are a fun and exciting way to catch bass.

Hollow body frogs imitate many aquatic species. These frogs can be retrieved like the Zara Spook or hopped out of the water. Unlike a spinning or jigging lure, the hollow body frog is designed to walk through dense cover.

Hollow-body frogs are ideal for dragging across lily pads, weeds, and docks. They are also effective in stained water and in windy conditions. Many manufacturers have designed plastic frogs in bluegill or shad patterns.

When you are fishing with hollow body frogs, you will need to cast and retrieve more carefully. To do this, you should choose a heavier braided fishing line. If you want to use monofilament, you can add weight to your frog to help it walk. Adding weight can also increase casting distance.

The best time to fish with hollow body frogs is in the summer months. Bass are highly active in these seasons. However, some bass may remain in shallow cover or near the bank during the hot July days.