Are Essential Oils Safe For Babies?

are essential oils safe for babies

Are essential oils safe for babies? This is a very common question that many people ask. There are several reasons as to why a baby shouldn’t be exposed to essential oils. But there are some that are absolutely safe for use. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Chamomile essential oil is one of the safest oils for babies. The calming and soothing effects of chamomile help to relieve common skin problems like conjunctivitis and colic. In addition, chamomile promotes digestion in children.

Chamomile has long been recognized for its therapeutic benefits in folk medicine. It has antispasmodic properties and may be used to soothe upset stomachs and digestive disorders.

Some research shows that chamomile may also help with carpal tunnel syndrome. This is due to the presence of flavonoids and terpenoids. Terpenoids are active components in flavonoids.

There have been some reports of a reaction to chamomile, including dizziness and nausea. If you are concerned about an allergic reaction, consult with your doctor.

As with any other medication, it is best to use caution when using essential oils on children. You should not apply the oil directly to the baby’s skin. Rather, dilute it with a carrier oil. For newborns, a dilution ratio of 0.5 to 1 percent should be used.

For older children and adults, a dilution of a few drops can be used. Do not use undiluted oils on the face, eyes, or on any sensitive areas.

Chamomile is also a good oil for relieving stress and anxiety. It is also an effective agent for managing eczema, arthritis, and acne. It can also be used to treat dry scalp and sunburn.

Chamomile oil is also a popular choice for helping to calm a fussy baby. It can be applied to the baby’s lower abdomen, back, and feet. A massage of chamomile can also be used to promote restful sleep.


If you’re looking for a calming aroma that’s safe for babies, lavender essential oil is the way to go. This plant is a good ally in helping children sleep, and it can even be used to treat insect bites.

It’s been known for a long time to help promote a relaxing state of mind. It’s no surprise then that it’s a natural remedy for anxiety. Fortunately, you can enjoy the benefits of this herb in the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to using essential oils in your home, you need to do things correctly. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing products that are diluted with a carrier oil. These carrier oils include almond, fractionated coconut, and jojoba oil.

The other thing to remember is that baby’s skin is much more delicate than that of an adult. Avoid using essential oils around your child’s nose or eyes. You can also try avoiding the use of any fragranced essential oils.

For babies, the most effective way to use this herb is in a warm bath. A soothing bath can help calm your baby down and promote a good night’s rest.

A spritz of lavender spray will do the same. Lavender can also be diluted with a carrier oil and used to sooth a cut or scrape.

If you’re looking for something a little more complicated, consider a diffuser. Diffusers are a safer alternative to humidifiers and nebulizers. They come with instructions that will tell you how much you should be using for your baby.


Geranium essential oil is a very safe and natural remedy. It can be used for a wide range of skin conditions. The oil also provides a calming and relaxing effect.

Geranium oil can be applied topically to help promote clear, healthy skin. It works as an anti-inflammatory and astringent. You can add it to your favorite facial cleanser or body wash to improve your skin’s health and appearance.

Geranium Essential Oil has a light, sweet and floral scent. It is a popular choice for women’s health and is known for its ability to improve circulation and support menstruation.

Geranium Essential Oil has been used to help relieve stress and anxiety, to reduce fatigue, and to support cognitive function. In addition to its soothing properties, Geranium Oil is also an effective remedy for respiratory inflammation.

It has been shown to be safe for use on babies and older children, but it is important to consult a doctor before using it on your child. As with all products, Geranium Oil should be kept away from your infant’s nose and eye area.

To make an antibacterial body spray, mix 5 drops of Geranium Essential Oil with 5 tablespoons of water. Spray the mixture onto your hands and rub it all over your body.

Besides being a great topical treatment, Geranium Oil has been found to be a powerful insect repellent. This makes it a wonderful ingredient to include in soaps, body washes, and other personal care products.


If you are considering introducing your baby to essential oils, you may be wondering if they are safe for babies. Some of the more potent and stronger oils can cause burns, breathing problems, and other negative effects.

Essential oils have therapeutic benefits and should be used in small amounts. You should consult with a trained aromatherapist to ensure that you are using them safely. They can also provide you with dosing guidelines.

Neroli is an essential oil with antifungal, antibacterial, and relaxing properties. It can be used on skin, in an aromatherapy diffuser, or in a bath. The scent is calming and soothing.

However, it is best to consult with your child’s pediatrician before deciding to use essential oils with your child. There are a few oils that are safe for babies, but there are others that you should avoid.

One essential oil that is not considered kid-safe is oregano. It is not recommended for children under the age of two. Another is rose otto. This oil can help soothe rashes and itchiness.

Before introducing any essential oil to your baby, perform a patch test to determine if it is safe. In the event that it is not safe, discontinue its use.

Although you can use some essential oils on babies as young as six months old, some oils have been shown to cause adverse reactions. These reactions can look like a chemical burn, skin rash, or vomiting.

Rose Absolute

Rose Absolute essential oil is a popular aromatherapy essential oil. It is used to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. The sweet, floral scent of rose absolute is relaxing and calming.

When purchasing essential oils for use on babies, make sure to check the label for purity. Some oils have synthetic fillers and chemicals, which can be harmful to small children.

Essential oils should be diluted before applying them to the skin. There are many ways to do this. They can be added to bath salts, lotions, and salves. You can also diffuse them in an aromatherapy diffuser or use them in the shower. If you are looking to make a blend, try adding a few drops of lavender and mandarin oil.

The International Federation of Aromatherapists advises using essential oils only under the supervision of a qualified medical aromatherapist. Because of their flammable nature, you should not use them near a fire or heat source.

Rose essential oil is distilled from the perfumed petals of the rose. It is considered to be safe for infants and children, though it should not be given to babies under three months of age.

Some essential oils should not be used with certain medications, including pregnancy and breast feeding. For example, tea tree essential oil can be applied topically to diaper rashes on babies over six months of age. Other essential oils can cause irritation or burns when applied near a baby’s sensitive areas.


Using essential oils on babies is not a good idea. There are some very potent ingredients that can be harmful if ingested or if your child swallows them. Some oils are too strong and some are too concentrated. If you are considering using them on your little one, it’s best to consult your doctor.

One of the easiest ways to use essential oils is to diffuse them in the home. This is particularly useful when you have pets. However, you should be careful when purchasing oils for pets. You also want to check with your local health department to see which products are safe.

The essential oil industry has grown to such an extent that there are hundreds of different products containing these oils. Luckily, there are some that are safer for children than others.

For example, doTERRA’s On Guard is a blend of individual essential oils that may help your immune system. It was tested in a canine kidney cell and was shown to be able to break the flu virus.

Other notable products include OnGuard beadlets, a squeezable liquid that’s designed to fight colds and sniffles. They contain a host of ingredients, including cinnamon bark, clove bud, wild orange, and eucalyptus.

Some other notable products are a spray bottle that can be used to clean surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas. It’s a great alternative to toxic sanitizers.