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5G Radiation Protection: Protect Your Family from 5G

.Choosing the right 5G radiation protection is important. With so much misinformation about what type of radiation might be put off by this network, you need to protect your family. Don’t take chances with something that simply may not be safe. Check out these top 5G radiation protection products.

Advanced GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation RF Meter

5G Radiation Protection EMF Meter

This is a digital multifunctional meter, which measures EMF and ELF, which has several sensors much more susceptible to detect either power lines, cell phones, microwaves, among others. It is made by GQ Electronics, and it’s the most recommended for 5g radiation protection.

It is a portable device that can be used by governments, organizations, individuals, whoever wants to do it. The EMF-390 can be used to perform detection tests. It can also be used for any other type of scientific application, whether in testing power lines, microwaves, Wi-Fi, a technology from 2G to 5G, among others.

Among its main features, it has integrated electromagnetic fields of 3 axes, which are electric field, radiofrequency, It goes up to 10 GHz and as an added function an RF Spectrum that reaches up to 5 bands and goes up to 2.504 GHz. All this allows it to distinguish the various types of electromagnetic radiation.

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It also allows monitoring and detects EMF, EF, RF, and ELF in any type of environment. Also, it has a built-in alarm that sounds and allows you to visualize. It comes with a flash memory that allows you to record all the data taken with a timestamp so you don’t get confused. Then, you can download it by linking it to your computer.

Its display makes it easy for you to read all the sensors at the same time. It can guarantee that it will check the detection of EF, RF, and EMF. It also provides the ability to place the display in traditional analog mode, making the reading much easier. If you need to detect any type of radiation whether it is ELF, EF, RF, or EMF, this meter is the best choice.

X-ray Radiation Safety Leaded Lens

These are excellent X-ray radiation shielding lenses, which are made of leaded glass lenses with a thickness of 0.75 mm, providing a high degree of safety. These lenses can efficiently prevent the passage of X-rays.

They are essential to use if you perform any kind of research in the area of radiation, whether in any field, for scientific research, for the defense of the country, in the area of industry, mining, or food in which more and more use is made of X-rays.

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Especially for the operators to use, whether they are radiologists, nurses, doctors, X-ray room assistants, or rooms where surgical interventions are performed, for example, with the C-arm and everyone in the room is exposed to ionizing radiation. Since these will prevent the eyes of those who are exposed to X-radiation from being damaged and eventually suffer from eye diseases.

These glasses come with their case, a cloth to clean them without damaging them, and a retaining strap. The frame is made of a strong, and durable material, which is also lightweight for comfortable wear. Only one size fits all.

DefenderShield EMF Blanket

Organic Bamboo Full-Size EMF & 5G Protection Blanket

Radiation Protection Blanket for 5G

This blanket will provide you with the maximum possible 5g radiation protection. It has several layers to protect you. This allows it to block almost 100% of radiation. The radiation it will block includes wireless radiation produced by phones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi, and any other electronic device, including radiation emissions generated by the environment. This does not mean that it will interrupt the connectivity of your device when you are using it and have your blanket nearby.

The blanket is made of organic bamboo on the outside, which is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The inside of the blanket has several layers that protect against wireless radiation. This blanket has great double functionality. You will not only stay protected from radiation, but at the same time, you will stay warm and very comfortable while the different devices emit radiation.

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It’s easy to use. You just put it on you while you work or do the activity you want with your mobile devices. It is perfect for pregnant women who can work without any problem with their mobile devices. While you are covered with the blanket, it will help to decrease the reception of wireless electromagnetic fields produced.

EMF 5G Anti-Radiation Protection Blanket

This is a lightweight, stylish, beautiful, and breathable blanket that protects babies from EMF radiation, in very simple to use, just place it over your baby’s tummy, and this will create a very cozy and protective shield against all wireless and 5g radiation protection.

It is up to 99% effective in protecting your child while using cell phones, Wi-Fi, or other EMF. It also protects from non-ionizing radiation emitting devices that are in the range of 10 MHz to 8 GHz. This will provide great safety for your little one.

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It is responsible for neutralizing all incoming electromagnetic waves, completely canceling the environmental radiation, thus decreasing your exposure. Made of light and comfortable cotton for babies, it is woven with pure silver. This provides excellent 5g radiation protection, weighs less than a pound, besides being breathable. Its dimensions are 30×35 inches, and it can be machined washed perfectly in the cold.